Learning the CCNA Security courses in Gujarat can be an eye opener for the beginners as well as the advanced professionals. It is a well known fact that network security in modern times has gained additional importance because they are prone to intrusion by hackers. We are equipped with highly expert faculties who are fully capable of providing the best results in an impeccable manner.

A brief overview of the syllabus:
  • The CCNA Security courses in Gujarat conducted by our institute comprises of the techniques which are used to ward of the attacks from the external sources. Our instructors provide detailed information about the architecture of the Cisco network and how it makes it impregnable so that data could be securely shared by different entities.
  • As a part of the security buildup, the students are taught to assign a username along with administrative passwords which follow the complex DES encryption algorithm. A beginner would easily hone the skill sets by understanding the process of delegating various privileges to the people in an organization. It will go a long way in enhancing the security to a great extent.  Our principle focus is to analyze various aspects of the authorization protocol and impart them the training through the virtual lab experimentation.
  • The CCNA Security courses in Gujarat ensure that we are able to offer a deep understanding on the concepts like digital certification which makes the organization more secure.  At the end of the course a student must possess basic skills to configure AAA protocols on the router and also get a firsthand experience of installing filters on the IOS to segregate the internet traffic in an exemplary manner.