There are different modules taught by our trainers to large number of aspirants so that they are able to handle security based issues arising out of the CISCO based network. Our CCIE Security course   package is unique because it encompasses valuable aspects of firewall and its configuration to deter the hackers in stealing information.

  • We are proficient in providing first hand information about the access control lists which are crucial in delegating rights to different users in an enterprise. In addition, our instructors conduct virtual online class rooms to configure the firewall and restrict access to certain IP addresses that threaten to destroy the computer network by introducing viruses.
  • Our trained professionals also conduct classes which explain the audit trail process, considered useful to track a particular machine on the network. It would go a long way in finding the miscreant in the event of an attack on the system. We also offer a sneak preview into the installation and configuration of the virtual private network over the internet to safely share data in an impeccable manner.  With the help of VPN, our students are able to remotely login to the routers and configure them according to their requirements and specifications.
  • We not only enhance the fundamental understanding of the network bit also offer valuable guidance in implementing the IPSEC technology as a part of the CCIE Security course.  Our instructors provide different modes for the purpose of authentication through the proxy IP addresses and help the trainees to implement them in a wonderful manner. The CCIE Security course by our company also entails the installation of IPS signatures which helps to verify the users connecting to the network.