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Sophos Firewall Training

Firewall has become an integral part for any organization’s IT Infrastructure. With the increase in cyber threat

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Aaj Ka Update – RIPv1 v/s RIPv2

Aaj ka Update – SYN & FIN Flag

SYC Flag is the first flag sent to establish a TCP connection and FIN Flag is send to finish the TCP Connection

Aaj ka Update – Reset Flag

Aaj ka Update- Push Flag

The Push Flag is usually set on the last segment in order to avoid any buffer overload.

Aaj ka Update – Urgent Pointer

Aaj ka Update : ECN-Echo Flag

Aaj ka Update – TCP Flags

When talking about TCP, it is a connection oriented protocol. The 3-way handshake uses SYNs & ACKs message, but TCP segments carry the data.

Aaj ka Update – Man-in-the-middle Attack Prevention

Aaj ka Update – Man-In-The-Middle Attack

MITM attacks are carried by intercepting between the communication of source & destination (endpoints).

Aaj ka Update – Difference Between Active & Passive Attack

Aaj ka Update – Difference Summary

DoS v/s DDoS

Aaj ka Update – DDoS

Vivekananda IT Institute is a premier institute providing Networking & Security Training

Aaj ka Update – DoS Attack

With DoS attack, the attacker will flood the systems, servers, Network with the traffic & in turn, it will exhaust the resources & bandwidth. As a result, system will not be able to response or request a service.

Aaj ka Update – DHCP Risks

DHCP Protocol does not have authentication. Hence it increase the chances of having Rogue Server or Client. This is mitigated through DHCP Snooping

Aaj Ka Update – DHCP Timers

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) uses DORA process to assign IP which comes with Lease Timers

Aaj Ka Update – DHCP DORA

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) uses Bootp protocol to assign automatic IP address to Network Device through DORA process

Aaj Ka Update – DHCP Bootp

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) uses Bootp protocol to assign automatic IP address to Network Device.

Aaj Ka Update – DHCP Ports

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a service to assign automatic IP address to Network Device.