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ASP.NET is a web application framework marketed by Microsoft that programmers can use to build dynamic web sites, web applications and XML web services.

Why Choose  VIT  Institute  for ASP.NET development?

VIT  Institute  Asp.Net programmers develop, design and deliver complete solution using the features of .NET. The VIT  Institute  has been drawn a profound line of quality work in ASP.NET developments across the globe. Our foot prints running in form of small to big organizations’ satisfactions and growth.

ASP.Net is an application framework designed and sold by Microsoft, it allows programmers to create dynamic websites, applications and services. Before ASP.Net Microsoft supported ASP (Active Server pages).‚ ASP.Net is popular because of its increased performance as a result of native optimization, caching, binding, and JIT compilation. developers have an ability to use its extensive class library, Messaging tools and data Access.

With the launch of ASP.Net Microsoft has declared its intent to totally replace ASP (Active Server Pages). Though ASP.Net is slower but its stability offers the developers huge possibilities that most older frameworks didn’t.

The initial prototype of (its original codename was XSP) was done in Java, but was later changed on a new platform Common Language Runtime (CLR) as it offers an Object Oriented Programming‚ environment, garbage collection and other features that Microsoft’s Component Object Model platform did not support. Training Syllabus

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • What is .Net Framework
  • CLR , CTS , CLS
  • Page Execution Cycle , View State , IsPostBack , AutoPostBack
  • Respose , Query String
  • Standard Controls
  • Decisions , Loops and Arrays
  • Fundamental of JavaScript
  • Master Page ,  Skin Files
  • Session , Cookies
  • Data Controls ( Grid View , Data List , Details View , Form View , Repeater )
  • Validation Controls
  • Accessing Data with C# ( ADO.Net)
  • Navigation[1]
  • Ajax
  • Crystal Report
  • Configuring  Asp.Net (Web.config Files)
  • Project Practice


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Live Project

Training is not complete with Live project, we have real live project for our PHP,ASP.Net,VB.Net course aspirants.

We also meet Project training (internship) guidelines of MCA, MSc IT, BCA, BE, BSc IT and Diploma IT.