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Information technology is a very important facet of professional world because it provides employment to large number of people in an impeccable manner. Students pursuing their master and bachelors degree in Computer Science can opt for different streams provided by our organizations. We are pursuing excellence by offering entire galaxy of jobs to the candidates along with the knowledge in computer applications. We are known as a very important Professional programming and Networking institute of Vadodara which is credited for providing online as well contact classes for the students. Information technology has seen a huge growth in recent time because of the advancement in computer technology which has taken people by surprise. We provide in depth knowledge about various programming languages and their platforms so that the students in our institution are able to handle the complex projects and meet the specifications of the clients. The CISCO courses in Gujarat are instrumental in developing professionals who are able to work on different versions of the Routers and the various facets of the security in an impeccable manner.


There are many benefits of enrolling into different IT courses because they impart amazing level of knowledge along with the enhancement of competency levels in different branches of computer Engineering. The CISCO courses in Baroda/Vadodara conducted by our organization are instrumental in providing high quality jobs in the information technology sector.


Array of courses such as CCIE and CCNP introduce the students to the nuances of the networking technologies long with the complex algorithms. They are crucial to enhance the understanding of the network based applications and their scalability in designing complex networks based on the principle of switches and routers. The CISCO courses in Baroda/Vadodara, Gujarat cover all spectrums of technology and provide options to the students based on their requirements and specifications. Average salary in the IT market to a CCNP professional is more than 500,000Rs per annum which is an amazing start for the network beginners. The courses provide a wonderful chance to students to further their careers. Our company offers the best networking institute in baroda and caters to students with variety of work experiences in IT industry.


The CISCO courses in Baroda/Vadodara are renowned for offering placement assistance to the worthy candidates who are working in huge organizations related to IT and non IT industries.  Most of the companies in modern era believe in connectivity of the computers so that they are able to share information for increasing efficiency. Computer networks require the services of expert professionals because they face multiple issues like hacking and other problems. Therefore CISCO courses in Baroda/Vadodara conducted by our company provide necessary professionals to the Industry. They are quite proficient in handling networks of more than 100 computers spread across different geographical locations.


The candidates enrolled in our institute are well versed in operating and configuring the Cisco routers without any hiccups. Commands are explained in detailed manner by our capable instructors enabling the students to manage networks of varying sizes. Our company offers CISCO courses in Baroda/Vadodara which also include the epitome of excellence called CCIE. It is strictly for the advanced users who are equipped with certain amount of experience in the technology industry.  They are imparted enhanced knowledge about the various aspects of CCIE certifications through the online training tutorials available from the CISCO website. We help them to clear the certifications which comprise of a written exam along with the Lab test and considered crucial to become an expert in the computer networks industry.


  • "I am grateful to Mr Ankit bilwankar. He has very deep knowledge about all kind of networking issue. Teaching method is awesome. I had taken coaching for 3 cisco certifications and cleared with 98%. Now I am working with a Canadian based co. And all credit goes to VIT. " - See more at:   Vivekananda IT Institute : 9974199876
    Jay Rajpurohit
  • Be professional exellent Networking skill can boostup your career. I learned a lot of things from VIVEKANANDA IT INSTITUTE. Trainer Mr. Ankit Sir can teach at personal level and can help in all way of knowledge in the terms of networking. I have completed CCNA Security as well CCNP and experience was excellent. Must recommended this for CISCO Network learning in Baroda. Best Wishes, Vishalkumar Gajjar Sr. Network & Security Engineer - TCS Reference:  
    Vishal Gajjar
  • Recommendation given by Ketav Modi working as Sr. Network Engineer at HCL Infosystems Ltd "The world class Trainer for CISCO Certification and able to give remote training as well. To give knowledge to each and every student is the key secret of his success in the world." Ketav Modi
    Ketav Modi
  • Student from USA took training from our training center and gave feedback. "While studying for my CCNA at Vivekananda I.T. Institute underl instruction Mr. Ankit Bilwankar. I found his teaching to be very detailed as well as professional. His knowledge on Cisco Technology, both old and new, where bar none the best i have had thus far in my career. I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn Cisco technologies to attend Vivekananda I.T. Institute." Lee Hinton240385_1882423175435_4217270_o
    Lee Hinton
  • I have attended Cisco Training in VIT Institute, i personally recommend to all the students of Vadodara to get training under the trainers of VIT. They are the best among few Cisco trainers in the country.
    Tamal Dey,
  • I came to know about this institute from my friend and i have a completed training here in VIT and whatever commitment was given to me was fulfilled by the trainers. Trainers are having many years of experience.
    VSmart Solution , Founder Vsmart Solutions
  • I have taken CCNA training in vit institute in vadodara.i m very much pleased with the education i received at was very nice and easy to understand what was taught by trainer.Each and every topic i learned here will be very much helpful to me in my future.i will say if anyone want to do any cisco course training can join Vivekananda IT Institute.

    Thank you for all your efforts and you are truly appreciated.

    Kandarp R Patel

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